Summer’s End

Here on the tree farm, work is winding down. Mowing is almost over, and the trees are all trimmed up into Christmas tree shapes.

September is well underway, a new school year has begun again, and it’s sweatshirt weather… at least when you first step foot out in the morning.

This is the perfect time for field trips, and we have a few planned already! A Beekeeping class is scheduled later this month for a homeschool group, and we plan to open one up for the public soon, as well. Also, a boy scout troop is planning an outing for tree identification. What better place than a tree farm?

Another class I will be opening up for scheduling soon is our popular wreath making class. After November first, we begin harvesting greens for wreath making. We have classes available for groups of 6-8 ladies, or guys if they would like to join in. I plan on having a reserve list for folks who would like to participate, but don’t want to get a bunch of friends together. That way if there’s a cancellation in a group, there are backup participants ready to keep the class size up. Message me on our Facebook page if you want to get in on the list!

Also, contact us if you have need of a good field trip destination. We are flexible and can accommodate most nature subjects and grade levels.

Have a wonderful Summer’s End!