Welcome to The Evergreens

As of May 29, 2017, we officially moved into our new home at The Evergreens. For four months we have been attempting to learn all that we can to keep the established Christmas tree business going, as well as working through finishing touches on our new pole shed house.

We are all more tan than we have ever been in our lives, thanks to the days spent with mowers, weed whips and shearing tools. Thankfully most of the trees are still alive and thriving despite our rookie status as farmers. We lost a few to weed whip learning curves, but most of the trees are beautiful and ready for a new homes this Christmas season.

Summer growing and upkeep is winding down, and the creative time of crafting and organizing is starting up. We are hoping to have a small gift shop up and running for opening day on November 24th. Wreaths are in the works, Minnesota crafted mugs are ordered through Deneen Pottery,  and there are a lot more fun things being planned to make for an interesting assortment of gift ideas.

We hope to see you during the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have a wonderful autumn with your families until then!

The Tenneson Family