Merry Christmas 2020!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your family traditions with us! It means a lot to be such an important part of your Christmas.

The next few years will look a bit different as we continue planting and growing future trees for cutting. We will have just a few years of mostly relying on pre-cut trees while we wait for our cut-your-own supply to catch up with demand. We hope you will continue to come out for hay rides, hot cider, cookies, fresh greens, wreath classes, and locally made crafts, as well as freshly cut trees from our supplier in Cambridge, MN.

Have a very blessed 2021!!!

The Tenneson Family

Almost sold out…

Our pre-cut supplier has no more trees available this year, and our cut-your-own trees are just about sold out. We are usually open Friday through Sunday until Christmas, but there was such a high demand for real trees this year, we may not be able to sell past this weekend. We will have some garland and possibly a few trees left, but the supply may not last all three days. You are welcome to call ahead or just stop out and drive through the lots.

For the next few years we will be relying more on pre-cut trees while our many small trees grow in size. When we purchased the tree farm in 2017, there had been no trees planted for the past four years. We are planting over a thousand trees annually for future years, but they need about 5-10 years for growth.

Thank you for your understanding, and your amazing support as we build up our family farm.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2021, and have a wonderful Christmas season!

Early Christmas in 2020

Wow! So many folks have been out to the tree farm early to find their tree. There must be something special about getting a fragrant, real tree in the house when people are spending lots of time together at home.

Our opening weekend is still on schedule for Friday-Sunday after Thanksgiving, but if you need us during the week, just call ahead.

Enjoy your time together during this holiday season!

The Tenneson Family

Opening soon for the 2020 Season!!!

We are open Friday through Sunday from Thanksgiving until Christmas, but if you want to beat the rush, give us a call! This is the perfect year to get the tree up early and cozy in for comforting time with family. Real trees provide moisture in the air during this dry, Minnesota season, and act as a natural air purifier.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Tenneson Family

What happens after Christmas?

Christmas 2019 is done, and the tree farm is having its time of rest. So what do we do now? Well, for the months of January through March we have a nice breather. The boys and I spend a lot of time walking through the trees all winter. We watch for damage from rodents or deer, keep an eye on how last year’s newly planted trees are faring, and enjoy the slower pace.

Come March, though, stump grinding begins in earnest. All those trees you are enjoying now left behind stumps that need to be ground down before the mowers start up.

Until then, we will just enjoy the snowy days.

Have a wonderful 2020!

Christmas Season 2019!

Wreath and porch pots classes are underway, and we are getting ready for our opening weekend right after Thanksgiving! There will be horses pulling wagons, a tractor with hayrides, hot cider, coffee and cookies for all to enjoy!

We will be open every Friday through Sunday from Thanksgiving through Christmas, but give us a call if you need anything during our off days. We will be happy to assist you with your Christmas needs!

Summer’s End

Here on the tree farm, work is winding down. Mowing is almost over, and the trees are all trimmed up into Christmas tree shapes.

September is well underway, a new school year has begun again, and it’s sweatshirt weather… at least when you first step foot out in the morning.

This is the perfect time for field trips, and we have a few planned already! A Beekeeping class is scheduled later this month for a homeschool group, and we plan to open one up for the public soon, as well. Also, a boy scout troop is planning an outing for tree identification. What better place than a tree farm?

Another class I will be opening up for scheduling soon is our popular wreath making class. After November first, we begin harvesting greens for wreath making. We have classes available for groups of 6-8 ladies, or guys if they would like to join in. I plan on having a reserve list for folks who would like to participate, but don’t want to get a bunch of friends together. That way if there’s a cancellation in a group, there are backup participants ready to keep the class size up. Message me on our Facebook page if you want to get in on the list!

Also, contact us if you have need of a good field trip destination. We are flexible and can accommodate most nature subjects and grade levels.

Have a wonderful Summer’s End!

Call ahead and we will be there for you!

Just a little reminder…
Our hours are typically Fri through Sunday, but we do live on the property. If you need anything during the week, just give me a call and I will make sure to be available to help you find what you are looking for.
Christmas is almost here! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

The season is here!

Our opening weekend was a blast, mud and all! Now we are open every Friday through Sunday till Christmas, so stop out and make memories at The Evergreens. We have beautiful pre- cut frasers from 6-12 feet, and cut your own trees available.
Hot cider, coffee and cookies are ready for you!

‘Tis the Season

It’s November already, which means all things family, friends, food and fellowship. With Thanksgiving then Christmas and all of the gatherings with loved ones, it really can be the most wonderful time of the year.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with chaos, too, so remember to take time to enjoy the little things and the quiet moments. Soak up the scent of evergreens and fresh baked goods. Listen to your favorite music. Snuggle a little person while sipping tea and honey together, and try to get out to experience these crisp, late autumn days.
At The Evergreens, we are cramming to get ready for our opening weekend, right after Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to come on over and enjoy family and friends. We will have the horses and tractor going to pull hay wagons and buggies. A barrel train will be tootling around for little ones to ride. I’ll have the fun photo props set up in our backyard. There will be delicious cider and cookies, and hot coffee from The Interchange. And the best part is that it’s all free!
We will have trees and gifts for sale, of course, but you are welcome to come over and just enjoy the activities.
Our wreath making classes filled up quickly this fall, and we held the first class Nov 2nd. It’s proving to be a perfect girls’ night out activity. If you are interested for next year, be sure to like our Facebook page to keep up on the latest announcements.
Have a wonderful, safe and memorable holiday season! We look forward to seeing you.
The Tenneson Family